Bad@$$ Bronco
When we sent Jeffrey Kari an email to check in on his five-year Bronco build, we were the ones who got a huge surprise. Jeffrey wrote: "Dan, I made the Minneapolis show and on set-up day I had a very good response to it. Many people wondered what I started with because they had never seen a Bronco so low to the ground. My favorite comment so far was ‘Goes to show you can make anything look cool.'"

Holy cow Jeffrey, your Bronco sure has come a long ways since you emailed us photos of the frame nearly five years ago. We can't wait to see it in person so we can do a full feature shoot on your badass Bronco.

We receive funny questions all the time, but this one was worthy of print. On our Facebook page, we were asked, "What is your most embarrassing moment behind the wheel of your truck?" Here are our answers:

Dan Ward - I was leaving a local car show in my S-10 project that was on the cover in 2005 when I felt the need to show off. I tried to grab second gear to bark the tires, but with the engine high in the rpm range all I heard was the gears grinding. I was and still am a knucklehead.

Max Matthewson - So I was driving Project New Guy around, just cruising the 15 when I saw a buddy of mine. Trying to be Mr. Cool, I laid the back end out and threw sparks all over the freeway. I continued home thinking nothing of it. Coming out the next morning to find a giant pool of gas under my truck was surprising to say the least. Apparently, during the act of dragging my truck, I ripped a hole in my gas tank. Needless to say, that isn't my proudest moment….

Rob Munoz - Anytime I drove the old Lightning project with the airbrushed barbwire.

Harley Camilleri - After trying to show a Mustang driver what was up after he cut me off, I decided to lay down some rubber and get the backend sideways. I looked just like Ken Block until my rearview mirror was filled with red and blue police lights, and I was forced to pull over in front of a hair salon filled with hot chicks. A cop had watched me drift through the turn, but thankfully he let me off. The girls, however, weren't so kind.

Jeff Dahlin - I spent the evening in an Autozone parking lot trying to diagnose a battery or starter problem that I finally realized was caused by a failing starter solenoid. The guys at Autozone offered to let me borrow a screwdriver to change it out, but then realized someone was already using the one they loaned to customers. So I sat on my fender and slowly got the screws out using the edge of a dime, and then put the new one in place using the same method. I finally got the Bronco to start and drove out of the parking lot…only to have my hood fly up and BANG! it hit the windshield and roofline. I had forgotten to secure the hood properly. Cracked windshield, dents in the roofline, hood hinges hyper-extended and bent. I pulled over and had to actually hit the hinges with a hammer to get them to fold back into place and close.