Hey Truckin,
I have a question for Richard Holdener about the LM7 build "Small Cubes Huge Power." I've followed the build since it was published and it has inspired me to build my own 5.3L into a 383ci. I was wondering what stall converter he used? My engine is going in a 2002 Silverado Z71 and I've been told 3000-3500 stall converter would be good, but I feel it's too high for street/strip and off-road truck.

Evan Hasler
North Little Rock, Arkansas

I would suggest running the stock converter or something that is only 300-500 rpm above stock. The reason is that the increased torque of the larger 383 will artificially increase the stall speed of the converter. The stall-speed ratings on any converter is an estimate and dependent on the torque output. Keep the stall speed low unless you plan to race it. Hope this helps. -Richard Holdener

Hello Guys,

Hi, I just wanted to say that I've seen a few truck conversions on YouTube like a 90-ish 2-door Tahoe with a 2007-and-up fascia, and I was wondering if you sold such a bolt-on kit or is this a total modification process to do?

Memphis, Tennessee

You nailed it Tony. The bodylines are vastly different between a '90s-era two-door Tahoe and a newer Tahoe. There isn't a one-stop kit and it is far from bolt-on. To see how we did a new frontend swap on a GM truck, check out page 108. For all the parts you would need for such a swap, go to www.lmctruck.com.

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