Over the last eight months, Truckin magazine has been a two-man operation. Deadlines, traveling, shows, and projects all become exponentially more difficult to fit in when the workload is spread so thin. My hope is you haven't been able to notice any discrepancy in the magazine. I'm extremely proud of the magazines we've put out over the last year and we have a talented pool of freelance guys to thank for helping pick up extra assignments. Thankfully, this issue is the first for our resident New Guy, Patrick McCarthy. Patrick brings with him an impressive résumé straight out of college, but more importantly he brings excitement, eagerness to learn, and fast typing fingers. The difference an additional team member makes is like adding a zero to the end of your paycheck—it's huge.

Also new to the team is our completely redesigned website. If you haven't checked it out recently, it's worth a few minutes to see the fresh layout, easier-to-use navigation, and added features. We've had the #1 truck website in our company for nearly a year now, and we're certain this new design will have you coming back for the latest (and largest) show coverage, web exclusive features, behind-the-scenes photoshoot pics, and tech installs for every skill level.

As always, we want your feedback on what you do and dont like about the magazine and our website. The easiest way to let us know is to like us on Facebook and leave your comments there. We appreciate your support, and thank you for reading.