Like boxing legend Manny Pacquiao surprising a bigger opponent with a series of rapid punches and one devastating blow, we’ve recently discovered a ½-inch impact that is capable of unbelievable feats yet weighs less than 5 pounds. Mac Tools’ new titanium ½-inch impact wrench (AWP050) features a side-fed motor for more power, one-handed forward/reverse lever, adjustable power settings, titanium housing for reduced weight, and a feather throttle for superior control. High above the top-tier features are the stats—at only 4.6 pounds, the AWP050 has an incredible 1,260 lb-ft of breakaway torque. That much torque on tap would be able to bust loose the most hardened and rusted bolts imaginable.

During our testing of the Mac Tools impact, we were blown away at the ease of use. From handling, to adjusting direction and power level, to trigger control, the Mac impact is a step above its competitors. Thanks to its titanium casing, the AWP050 weighs less than 5 pounds, which reduces fatigue from all-day use, and with its titanium exhaust deflector, sound levels are reduced. The one handed forward/reverse lever makes it easy to quickly change directions, but what was even more impressive was the power dial to increase torque output when needed. A simple turn of the dial brought levels to "brace yourself," while the nut or bolt rapidly gave in to the torque of the ½-inch impact. If using an air impact is a daily routine for you, or you simply want a compact tool that packs a wallop, Mac Tools’ new titanium impact is at the top of its game.

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