One of the coolest things in the world is driving my 'bagged show truck to and from work, getting thumbs up and head nods from passersby. Some of the not-so-cool things are running into a Prius-sized pothole while aired out or being cut off by some BMW-driving douche.

It makes me miss my lifted Toyota 4x4 with HIDs and train horns. When someone cut me off while driving the beast, all I would have to do is flip on the high beams and lay on the horn and they would diappear faster than coke at Lindsay Lohan's house.

Maybe my next truck will be a big lifted 4x4 that can run A-holes off the road and that would feel at home on the surface of the moon or driving the I-5 in traffic. Who knows, I might just install laser beams and oil slick emitters on Project New Guy to handle the weekend warriors. If you have a way of dealing with unruly drivers, email them to me at, and I will try them out.