5. Husky 14-in-1 Multi-Tool with nylon sheath
www.homedepot.com $9.97

If bang-for-the-buck is a big factor for your tool purchases, look no further than the Husky 14-in-1 multi-tool. For under $10.00 you get a tool with stainless steel blades, lightweight aluminum handles, and a set of pliers that performed at the top of our list. A big perk to the Husky tool is the rubberized grips on the outside of the handles—where your hand actually makes contact. Because of this, the Husky ranked at the top of our ergonomics test, and with its spring-loaded pliers, made removing nails a breeze. Areas of concern included the weak wire cutter, underwhelming screwdriver, and knife performance.

6. Craftsman evolv 11-in-1 Multitool with nylon sheath
www.craftsman.com $18.99

Craftman's evolv line is designed to complement the original Craftsman line with a lower price point for someone who doesn't use their tools every day, but still wants a dependable tool when needed. The 11-in-1 multitool is the only tester with an LED flashlight, which sounds like a great idea until you see the low output of the bulb, and realize the light takes up the entire handle on one side. Because of that large chunk of real estate used up, the evolv proved to be the underdog in number of available tools. It did perform mid-pack in knife, pliers, and wire cutter performance, but the saw proved too weak compared to the others. Ergonomics was also a weak point for the evolv, as it was the largest tool in the test and the only tester without spring-loaded pliers.

7. Berkley 13-in-1 Multi-Tool with nylon sheath
www.berkly-fishing.com $16.96 (at www.walmart.com)

Thinking outside the traditional tool manufacturer box, we picked up a Berkley Fishing 13-in-1 multi-tool and quickly appreciated the lightweight aluminum frame, stainless steel blades, and spring-loaded pliers. Because of its targeted fishing demographic, several of the tools weren't applicable in our testing, such as the fish scaler, jig-eye cleaner, and crankbait tuner, but the general tools did prove safe and well designed. Plier performance was below par with its competitors, and for the price point there are better multitools available.

8. Sheffield 17-in-1 Precision Multitool with nylon pouch
www.sheffield-tools.com $14.99 (at www.autozone.com)

After taking home top honors in our utility knife test (in Issue 9), we were expecting big things from the Sheffield 17-in-1 Precision tool. Unfortunately, the Sheffield performed poorly in each of our tests, including pliers' strength, knife sharpness, wire cutting, and screwdriver performance. When folded, the multitool is a compact four inches, and features stainless attachments. However, the part of this tool that impressed us was its saw performance, which cut smoothly and evenly into a 2x4 piece of wood.