Much like the TV commercial that promises a free set of kitchen steak knives, a new blender, and Tupperware set with the purchase of a pet rock, this issue's cover shoot sounded too good to be true. Hopping on a plane and flying down to Cabo San Lucas to shoot a pair of sick Raptors isn't a part of my normal routine, but it sure sounded fun. With sunglasses and passport packed, I left SoCal for the sunny beaches of southern Baja, Mexico. Come to find out, the water really is as blue as it looks on TV. What you don't see on TV are the turnouts along most of the small highways that lead to mile after mile of off-roading paradise. Riding in a pair of beefed-up, supercharged SVT Raptors doing more than 80 mph in the Mexican sand is something I'll never forget.

When I think back to the traveling I've done as the Editor-in-Chief of Truckin, saying I've been blessed would be an understatement. Thanks to Nitto Tire, I've visited Australia and Japan (twice), all while taking in the culture, food and learning about each country's unique history. Now I can add Mexico to that list—what an amazing list of adventures. Making this trip extra-special, our Feature Editor Max Matthewson went along, and despite the fact that he doesn't look it, he's fluent in Spanish. Because of this, doors were opened that normally would have been shut to a gringo tourist. We enjoyed the incredible weather, delicious cuisine, and sights that look like a postcard at every turn. The best part of the trip was being able to cruise around town in trucks that people can't help but notice. Big, loud, and downright rowdy, Ford's Raptor is the perfect truck for blasting around the finest dirt Mexico has to offer. Special thanks go out to Chris Ross, Diamante Cabo San Lucas, and Theresa Contreras.