Certain tools are so iconic that we call all branded tools of a similar type by that tool’s name. The Sawzall is such a tool, a name that Milwaukee designated back in 1951 when it was the first self-contained portable electric hacksaw. Nowadays, we forget about past engineering accomplishments, but after more than 70 years of know-how, Milwaukee still produces the finest Sawzalls on the market. An evolution of their engineering, the new Sawzall M18 cordless lithium-ion cuts up to 30 percent faster than traditional cordless reciprocating saws, and the new patented, gear-protected clutch absorbs the constant vibration that comes from using a reciprocating saw. Comfort was a key concern when Milwaukee designed the Sawzall M18, and they delivered the goods by way of rubber grip, ambidextrous trigger lock, and low 7.9-pound weight. This means the saw is easy to handle for extended periods of time.

Out of the box, we were impressed with the Sawzall M18 kit, which included the Sawzall cordless reciprocating saw, one M18 XC high-capacity lithium-ion battery, one-hour charger, and general purpose Sawzall blade. Even the bright red, high-grade plastic carrying case was well constructed. After a brief charge of the lithium-ion battery, we went to work cutting chassis tubing, exhaust pipe, and even a frame section. The Sawzall M18 handled each without breaking a sweat, and it was easy to see the charge level of the M18 XC high-capacity battery thanks to the intuitive charge status on the backside of the battery. Battery life averaged 45 minutes during continuous cutting. Speaking of batteries, the Sawzall M18 is part of a complete 18-volt tool line from Milwaukee that ranges from drills, saws, impacts, and specialty tools. One battery can keep the jobsite working whenever a challenge presents itself. Cutting an initial groove on different types of materials was also easy by feathering the variable-speed trigger and getting the blade to bite. Fast blade changes were made by simply lifting the Quick-Lok lever and inserting a new blade in place. It was just that easy. At a retail price of $249.99, the Sawzall M18 is a good value for a saw that can cut all types of materials (with corresponding Sawzall blades available separately). For general automotive cutting, especially when portability is vital, the Milwaukee Sawzall M18 is a must-have tool for any garage.

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