6. Snap-On
Super Grip
$19.99 www.autozone.com

These Snap-On gloves are private labeled versions available from AutoZone and Pep Boys. With that said, most people will see the Snap-On logo and think they are the real thing—they're not. Made in Indonesia, they are however a good light-duty glove for mechanics who do a lot of oil changes, filter swaps, and other tasks that don't require extra protection. Rubberized grips on each fingertip and palm do an admirable job of securing tools and bolts in your hands, but the ultra-thin material protecting your palm does leave you vulnerable.

7. DeWalt
$19.99 www.dewalt.com

Breaking into the glove world, DeWalt looks to capitalize on the popularity and success of their power tool line. These all-purpose gloves are just that—general and universal in design. There is no extra grip on the fingertips, but there is protection for your palm and thumb area. An extra-long cuff that is a single elastic piece, rather than a traditional slit with Velcro closure does make slipping the gloves on cumbersome, and we weren't big fans of bunching found on the palm when flexing the glove.

8. Mechanix Wear
PN: MG-05-010
$19.99 www.mechanix.com

Considered to be the glove that started this whole mechanic's glove trend, the Mechanix Wear Original is no-nonsense with minimal protection. The Original does feature a true fit, good dexterity, and easy on/off, but the no-frills glove was outclassed by others in the same price category.

9. Firm Grip
General Purpose
PN: 2001L
$9.97 www.homedepot.com

The light-duty version in Firm Grip's glove line proved to be a competent product for less than $10.00 with palm padding, forefinger protection, and knuckle padding. However, the slippery texture on the fingers and palm was not ideal for handling wrenches, ratchets, or screwdrivers.

10. DeWalt
$9.99 www.dewalt.com

Slip-on and slip-off was the mindset for DeWalt's RapidFit glove and it is a snap to wear and remove. Extra cushioning on the palm does help absorb shock and the rubberized texture on the thumb and forefinger was appreciated, but we didn't feel very secure wearing this glove, and it didn't provide much wrist protection.

11. Mechanix Wear
PN: MFF-05-010
$14.99 www.mechanix.com

Much like the DeWalt RapidFit, the Mechanix FastFit is designed to be an easy on and easy off glove. It is just that, but it's also very low on grip and protection. If you need a breathable, lightweight, and light-duty glove, this may be just the pair you need, however it's not ideal for daily use.

12. Grease Monkey
General Purpose
PN: 20103
$9.99 www.homedepot.com

In every test there is a winner and loser. We've already shown you the winner, and this is by far the loser. Spending more resources on the packaging appeal than the actual glove design, the Grease Monkey glove had poor finger stitching, was uncomfortable to wear for long periods, and though it did provide palm protection, it had little protection for your fingers.