If you read Truckin magazine, even occasionally, you will probably have seen the buildup of Project New Guy. That was my first ‘bagged show truck. Well after enjoying it for over a year, I have decided to move on and purchase a new truck. I weighed my options and decided that for the money, the best truck to buy would be a new Ram.

I know that I will get flak from the Blue Oval Alliance and the General’s Army, but I couldn't beat the truck that I got for the price. So I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Ram 1500 ST. Being that I will be making payments on it for a couple years, I am not going to be cutting this one up…at least at first.

For now, I am looking for several daily driver mods including a 2-4-inch drop with a set of 22 or 24-inch wheels. With an intake, exhaust, and maybe some headers—I should be all set for a while. So keep an eye out in the magazine for tech stories and if you have any suggestions for what you think I should do with it, send me an email at maxwell.matthewson@sorc.com