I've been blessed with two healthy boys. My oldest son just turned two years old, but despite his lack of life experience, he has an incredibly keen eye for custom trucks. Part of my job requires driving and testing new OE trucks, it also isn't uncommon for me to drive various custom truck projects home on a weekly basis. With my chest pumped out, I'm proud to state my son knows the difference between a stock truck and one that daddy would drive.

When I carry him out to the truck in the mornings, he scans the parking lot looking for dada's truck. Once he sees custom paint, big wheels, and a slammed or lifted suspension, he eagerly points and says, “Cool.” Yep, my son could be a truck show judge. He also knows the difference of a stock truck and a muscle truck. Driving fast trucks is one of my passions, and when I have a truck with a rowdy exhaust on it, my little man looks me in the eye and says, “Vrooom!” Gotta love it when custom rides are in your kid's blood.

Traveling all over the country, I've witnessed it time and time again, a guy gets into hot-rodding or customizing their truck because that's how they spent time with their dad. It's a great legacy to leave for the next generation because it teaches hard work, skill, and dedication to a craft. I'm excited for a new year to begin, as my youngest son should be bench-racing scooters this time next year. Happy 2013.