I get it. I really do. Chevy is better than Ford, Ford is better than Dodge, Dodge is better than Chevy, and anything is better than those foreign pieces of crap over at Toyota and Nissan. This may have been true back in the day, but now everything is held to such high standards that there really can’t be any POS. I have owned Toyota, GM, and Dodge trucks and can honestly say they were all badass. But for some reason the subject of which manufacturer makes the best truck really rustles some people’s jimmies out there.

The thing that always makes me laugh is people who say that the “Big 3” manufacturers are all American and if you love America you should buy one of them. According to a recent study by cars.com, the Toyota Tundra is number nine out of ten, and the only truck, on the list of American-made vehicles. Five out of ten of the vehicles on the list would be considered “junk foreign POS”. So your argument is invalid. My advice would be to go out there and find a truck that fits what your needs are, has a good warranty, buy it, and quityerbitchin’.

Source: http://www.cars.com/go/advice/Story.jsp?section=top&subject=ami&story=amMade0611