Three o'clock in the morning is not my favorite time to wake up. However, one day every November, I find myself slapping my iPhone alarm and getting my tired butt out of bed at some Las Vegas hotel. Early morning photo shoots are brutal. Especially when you’re out in the Vegas-area desert and the temps are in the high 30s with wind gusts. It’s tough trying to get your brain functioning that early and in those conditions, but once you see the amazing sun starting to crest over the mountain ridges, it instantly becomes worth the struggle. The light illuminating a bevy of custom trucks ranging from father and son-built classics to unbelievable lifted dualies is a truly remarkable sight to behold. A warm horizon line on a freshly polished truck is one of those things as a photographer that I’m always searching for. Out in the desert, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Making things even better are the incredible people you meet and begin to establish relationships with during these photo shoots.

This job has afforded me opportunities to meet incredible people who share my borderline insane addiction to all things custom. Spending time with like-minded individuals is one of the great things about the truck world. Shaking a man’s hand you just met and seeing the smile on his face from making a lifelong dream come true is an amazing feeling that never gets old. I’ll remind myself of that next year when my alarm goes off at 3 a.m.