7. Duralast 8-inch Long Nose PN: 77-108 $8.99

Available at hundreds of Autozone part stores nationwide, the Duralast 8-inch pliers prove there are quality tools to be had while picking up parts for your truck. Guaranteed for life, the Duralast pliers impressed us with thick rubber grips, and they removed the torqued screw test with ease. Where the Duralast pliers sufered was in the cutting test, where they placed mid-pack, and in the ease use test, they needed a little prodding to open fully.

8. Husky tools 8-inch High-Leverage Long Nose PN: 48059 $9.97

Husky tools have always garnered praise in our tool testing because of their engineering, performance, and price. The 8 inch high-leverage pliers also performed well during our testing, but there was nothing that stood out as special. Made in China, the Husky pliers had an adequate cutter, average tip strength, and though touted as high-leverage, we found them to be middle-of-the-road compared to similarly sized pliers. With a lifetime warranty and a price under $10.00, the Husky pliers are a good choice for people who don't use needle-nose pliers all the time.

9. Wiha tools 8-inch comfortGrip Long Nose PN: 32922 $34.71 (at www.amazon.com)

Topping our price range, we ordered a pair of 8-inch ComfortGrip long-nose pliers from a company you may have never heard of—Wiha. A precision tool company in Germany, Wiha is well-known in Europe for engineering tools for specific applications. During our tests, we found the grips to be top-notch, with a nice finger stop at the base for sure handling. However, the Wiha long-nose pliers placed last in our screw loosening test, the cutters weren't as sharp as most, and we couldn't justify spending nearly $35.00 on a tool that wasn't made in the USA.

10. Craftsman 8-inch LED Lighted Long Nose PN: 10342 $29.99
www. craftsman.com

One tester laughed and said, “Those guys at Craftsman will put a light in anything.” He was right, but so were the Craftsman engineers to put an LED light in the hub for pinpoint lighting on whatever you're working on. Don't let the packaging fool you though, the light isn't a replacement for a flashlight while working in dim areas, but it is bright enough to help you see the specific work area better. Our biggest complaint is the heft. The Craftsman pliers were the heaviest tested yet weren't the strongest or sharpest. Packaged as a two-tool set with a pair of 8-inch diagonal cutters, the made-in-China Craftsman pliers barely cracked our Top 10.

11. Kobalt tools 8-inch Long Nose PN: 16416$9.98

We're not sure why Kobalt insists on putting a textured grip with miniature Kobalt-logo hexagons on every tool, but we don't like it. The grip does make it more non-slip than a smoothed handle, however, it also makes it uncomfortable after long periods of use. While the grips weren't our favorite, we did appreciate the drop-forged chrome nickel steel construction with black micro-nickel plating for solid durability and rust/corrosion resistance. Struggling in the torque screw removal test but performing well in the cutting test, the Kobalt pliers couldn't dig themselves out of the hole they created with poor ergonomics.

12. GearWrench 8-inch Long-Nose Pliers PN: 82013 $24.66

For nearly $25.00, there are better long-nose pliers available. That said, we've always had great success using GearWrench tools, but for this test, the pliers lagged behind the competition in tip strength, cutter sharpness, and ease of use. We did like the additional set of plier teeth in between the tip and cutter, but it wasn't enough to elevate these pliers any higher than near the bottom.

13.Truck Stop tool bin stop 8-inch Needle Nose $4.99
In every competition, there is a winner and a loser. No matter what kids are being told in sports these days, someone has to lose. To really see the difference in quality tools versus cheap ones, we also picked up this set of Tool Cache long-nose pliers from a tool bin at a truck stop for $4.99. With the least comfortable grips, dullest cutter, and second-to-weakest tip strength, we could clearly see the advantages of spending a few more dollars on a better tool. No participation trophy for you.