Recently there has been a lot of trash talking on Facebook between fans of 'bagged trucks and fans of lifted trucks. The lifted truck guys say that 'bagging a truck ruins a perfectly good truck and that you can't haul anything with it. The 'bagged truck guys don't really trash talk back other than to say that lifting a truck too high makes it more difficult to load and unload cargo. I have owned, driven, and ridden in both styles of truck and can honestly say that I am a fan of both and am going to try to dispel some of these rumors.

The guys saying that 'bagged trucks are useless have obviously never ridden in one. Oftentimes, airbags offer a smoother ride, suspension adjustability, and a better-looking stance. I have seen several 'bagged dualies pulling three-car wedge trailers full of trucks, so to say that these trucks can't haul anything is incorrect.

Lifting a truck, on the other hand, gives it more ground clearance and can give it a better-than-factory ride. If done incorrectly, either truck can be very dangerous, but there is no reason to say that lifting or 'bagging a truck ruins it. Basically, what it comes down to is appreciating the work other people have done rather than trash talk. If you don't understand something or have a question or comment about a truck, talk to the owner rather than make yourself look like a fool on the World Wide Web. If I have offended your ideals or you want to tell me your story, send me an email at