My wife and I had some friends over for dinner last weekend. When they pulled up to the front of my house and saw Project Lead Sled laid out, my buddy and his wife laughed and said, "How often do you really drive that thing?" Looking them both in the eye, I replied, "Every single day." Taking a glimpse at their ride, a tan minivan, I could feel a part of me dying inside. When your daily 9 to 5 is customizing trucks, driving an airbagged truck on 26-inch wheels with a wild flame paintjob is the norm. I lay out the Ram at the grocery store, drive it to Home Depot, and yes, I pick up my sons in it from day care. To them, Lead Sled is simply Dada's truck. Driving my wife's Honda Pilot, on the other hand, makes me feel like I should have soccer ball stickers on the back glass with the GPS set to Bed Bath & Beyond. It's wrong on so many levels.

Our trucks are an extension of our personalities. That's one of the great things about what you and I do. We take something stock and make it our own by way of new wheels/tires, suspension, paint, and power. What is your daily driver? Is it your pride and joy show truck, or do you have that neatly tucked away in the garage ready for a sunny day? Perhaps your daily is also your weekend tow pig, or work truck that puts cash in your pocket. Whatever the case, the process of transforming it is always a memorable experience. Blending in with the crowd, following the mainstream, and driving what the manufacturer put in front of you is never an option for truck guys like us.

In this issue, we have the kind of diversity that makes Truckin The World's Leading Truck Publication. From the sky-high flat-black Super Duty to the dune-ready Raptor, our feature list also includes a low-rolling square-body from Texas, and an insanely painted Sierra from Arizona. To cap off the feature trucks, we showcase a rat rod with traditional flair and modern touches to ease drivability. In our tech department, we made over a 100 percent stock shop dualie, added carpet and sound deadening material to a Silverado, and installed a full air suspension on a Suburban destined for SEMA. One way we're ensuring your truck will look exactly the way you want it to is our wheel and tire buyer's guide. Check out all of the new styles and get your daily driver ready for show season—because stock is never an option.