When you drive a custom truck as your daily driver, you become very aware of your surroundings. You also become aware of how dumb other drivers are. It seems to me that customs trucks are magnets for dumb people. Take these three examples for instance.

Recently, our in-house '09 project, Lead Sled, needed a visit to the dealer. They had the truck for about 6 hours. When we went to pick it up, someone had rubbed and scratched the left bedside against something. Needless to say, no one fessed up to it, but the dealer did take care of the damage.

Another example is with my 2012 ram 1500. I had the wheels custom-painted flat black with a red lip. Knowing this, I am very careful so as not to curb them. Well this apparently didn't apply to the valet at the hotel I was staying at. The next day when they brought my truck around, there was a nice scrape in the paint on my wheel. I immediately asked to speak with the manager, and I'm still waiting for payment of the damages

This scenario is a little different. Nobody was driving this truck, but an idiot decided that the tailgate needed to be repainted and backed up into it as it sat in a parking lot. Luckily, with exceptional CSI skills, we were able to find the perp and they decided that paying for the damages was better then having the police call for a hit and run.

The moral of this story: You just can’t trust anyone these days.