This month launches a new chapter at Truckin. For the first time in our 38-year history, we're providing the newsstand buyer with a different cover than our faithful subscribers. If this sounds unusual, keep in mind magazines have been doing this for decades, as the occasional newsstand buyer oftentimes finds a different type of custom truck more appealing than the die-hard monthly subscriber. Case in point, this month our subscribers are enjoying a trick driving shot of our in-house 2011 Silverado project truck dubbed "Blue Bomber." The lowered, performance-oriented truck was built within these pages and represents a current trend of going fast, while still being built with bolt-on parts. For those of you who picked this magazine up at your local Walmart or grocery store, you get to check out an impressive lifted F-450 built in honor of our Navy SEALs. Despite fuel costs, lifted trucks are making a comeback, and thanks to new diesel technologies, making absurd power is just a few mods away.

These two trucks are complete opposites in build style and overall appearance yet perfectly showcase the diverse readership we appeal to each month. Unlike other truck titles that only show you 4WD off-road rigs or slammed show trucks, we work hard each month to show you all things cool in the world of custom trucks. Our sales data reveals two different customers enjoy reading Truckin, and by making this transition, we're taking the next step to ensure your magazine experience is the best it possibly can be. We want to know your thoughts on the dual cover. Send me an email at