Car audio isn't just a step in the process of customizing your truck—it's an absolute must. Buying a new truck and listening to what the factory calls "premium sound" is like watching a VHS tape on an HDTV. Every truck I've ever owned has had at least two 10-inch subs, two amps, and a deck that met all of my audiophile needs. Good audio is so much more than just being loud. Clarity in the higher frequencies and midtones is vital to experiencing music in all of its soul-stirring glory. In this month's issue, we provide you with several how-to stories that will help you make your truck a rolling sound stage. The feature and cover trucks are also packed with high-quality audio systems that will inspire you to take your own rig to the next level. In addition to the tech and features, you'll also find a mobile audio buyer's guide with cool products like portable Bluetooth speakers, which are perfect for truck shows, outdoor detailing sessions, or tailgating.

One request we frequently receive is showing more truck modifications that can be done at home in your driveway. To prove you don't have to have a big shop or $10,000 worth of tools at home to customize your truck, I set out to transform a 2010 Chevy Tahoe in a driveway. Using basic handtools and some jackstands, my good friend Allan Settles and I spent five days adding a supercharger, exhaust system, bolting on a completely new suspension, swapping out a cloth interior to leather, upgrading the stock brakes, and in our free time, we installed a new grille, emblems, and lights. These are all upgrades you too can do with the proper know-how. Hopefully these homebuilt stories will help answer any questions you may have, and in the process allow you to take pride that you did the work yourself. Just make sure you have the hand cleaner ready.