One of my jobs as feature editor at Truckin is to scour the country, sort through thousands of emails, and track down the baddest custom trucks out there. From time to time we get flak for running over-the-top builds, trucks that may be out of reach for the ordinary truck owner. While we try our best to accommodate everyone's budget, we don't want to only show you trucks that aren't magazine quality. Where is the fun in that? Let me ask you this, when you pick up your favorite men's magazine, do you want to see the girl that lives three houses down from you or do you want to see the hottest models with the best bodies? Unless Kate Upton lives three doors down from you, I think I know your answer.

We don't want our readers to pick up the newest issue of Truckin magazine and then walk out of the store only to find nicer trucks in the parking lot. They would immediately return the magazine. Instead we try to find trucks that we think everybody will enjoy. Take this '88-'98 for example, it is a nice, clean truck with a pounding audio system. This wasn't a high-dollar build for a guy with an unlimited budget, but it is super-clean and a great looking truck built to be driven and shown. That is what we look for in our feature and cover trucks. If you know of a truck that should be in Truckin, send me some photos. My email is And remember, keep on Truckin!