Thumbs up from a fellow car or truck driver is the universal sign for "job well done" or more simply, "cool." It never gets old—the quick and uncomplicated show of appreciation and approval to your creative ideas, hard work, and money spent. Driving our '09 Ram project around town, I'm oftentimes on the other end of the thumbs up and I always return the gesture with the appropriate head nod (typically followed by letting the air out of the 'bags and throwing sparks). Whereas validation for what you consider to be cool is a nice perk, we should all just be happy to have something nice to cruise around in.

I just heard a staggering statistic that claimed the Toyota Prius is the top-selling car in California. I nearly threw my hands up and exclaimed, "Take me now." Don't let the marketing hyperbole fool you, most people in California that drive a Prius do so in order to drive solo in the carpool (HOV) lane and shave valuable time, sometimes hours, off of their commute. Generally speaking, many of those owners don't rank saving the environment as their number one cause for piloting a refrigerator to and from work. It's true that the journey is more important than the destination, and I feel sorry for those people who have lost sight of the driving experience, the joy of cruising in something that is truly custom, and the joy of receiving thumbs up for your hard work.

Everyone has their own opinion and style, however, we should all learn to appreciate someone else's idea of custom. Now I'm not saying you'll see a hideous build in Truckin magazine anytime soon just to appease one small niche, but you will continue to see a variety of truck builds that are unmatched in the custom truck world. Next time you're behind the wheel of your tricked-out truck, go ahead and make someone else's day by showing them the universal sign of "cool truck man."