We live in a world in motion. All day, every day people are moving, business is happening, things are getting done. Our offices are right under the approach path of Orange County Airport and all day planes come and go filled to the brim with passengers traveling to and from the rest of the U.S. Orange County and Los Angeles traffic is among the worst in the nation because the highways are filled with commuters going to work, tractor-trailers hauling loads, and everyone else trying to get where they are going as fast as possible. The problem is sometimes we get caught up in this perpetual movement and forget to just stop.

I fully believe that life isn't about how much work you accomplish or how many consecutive days you go to work without calling in sick. Life is about memories, enjoying being alive, and taking that extra five minutes to appreciate everything and everyone around you. Maybe if everyone took a couple of days to just relax, the world would be a better place.