Everyone has little caveats about what passengers can and can’t do in their trucks. For each person it is different. Below is a list of some of the more common rules and some that are just off the wall. If you think we forgot any, shoot us an email to max@truckin.com.

No eating
No clipping fingernails
No feet on dash
No standing up
Don’t mess with the radio
No opening compartments
No singing
The driver is always right
No backseat driving
No hanky-panky
Always announce if you see a cop
Don’t roll the windows up and down repeatedly
No booger picking
Get in, sit down, hold on, and shut up
Don’t touch anything on the dash
No complaining about the driving
Give 20-minute bathroom break warnings
No passing gas
No painting toenails
Watch out for other cars when opening the door
Don’t track mud inside
My truck, my music
Don’t moan about the A/C being on