Every project truck starts differently. Some start strong and slow down while others run at a steady pace the whole time. No matter how they start, however, projects always seem to end in a mad dash toward some seemingly futile goal. And every time, the truck makes it to the event just in time. No matter how much planning goes into it, the end is always filled with sleepless nights and lots of energy drinks.

Recently, I purchased a truck that is set to be a really cool daily driver when it is complete. Right now, it is just a 1974 GMC 3/4-ton longbed 4x4 with a mild lift. The previous owner took it upon himself to paint it a hideous shade of green with "metallic blue accent stripes." Luckily, I will be repainting the entire truck. A custom suspension, simple body mods, and killer interior are also in this square body’s future. I hope this project doesn’t end like all the others, but something tells me before the end of this build, I will be spending several days and nights sleeping on the floor of the shop for a couple hours at a time. Give me your input on this build. What should I do? Or what do you think I am going to do with it? Send me an email at max@truckin.com.