We've never been afraid to push the traditional truck mag limits with the selection of our cover trucks—and this month's newsstand cover slams convention on its rearend. Every blue moon, a certain truck comes long that seems to have universal appeal, and in the ever-competitive fullsize truck battle, Ford's F-150 Raptor is as hot as they come. Beloved by people who know little to nothing about desert racing or off-roading, the Raptor has that "it" factor with enthusiasts and the general public that every manufacturer dreams of. Our cover Raptor is about as extreme as it gets—and that's why we love it.

We know not everyone is in love with a purpose-built off-roader, however one thing we can all appreciate is the amount of engineering, fabrication, and hard work that went into such an incredible rig. That same amount of effort and skill also went into our subscriber's lowered GMC cover. Not satisfied with what the manufacturer offered, the owner sought to make his own factory-looking custom, and the end result is stunning. Never being satisfied is a terribly wonderful way of modifying your truck. Dodge fanatics are one such group who are diehard enthusiasts and aren't willing to leave a stock truck alone for long. Starting on page 36, six fortunate Dodge owners get their fifteen minutes of fame by way of mini-features. Each truck was built to the owner's desire and each are deserving of your attention. We never give up on a creative idea, no matter how extreme, and we hope you don't give up on your pursuit of the ultimate custom truck either.