We've all seen them: terrible, horrendous, obnoxious bumper stickers on trucks. We have compiled a list of the worst bumper stickers around. We have also included some of the best bumper stickers we have seen, just in case you want to replace your honor student sticker with something better. Think we forgot one, or want to give us a piece of your mind, send an email to max@truckin.com.


Truckin decal
Obviously this should be the first sticker on your truck.

One Less Prius
Because Priuses suck!

Coexist with guns
A cool recreation of the coexist sticker.

Anti stick figure family
Again, no one cares about your family.


Family stickers
No one cares about your family.

Presidential campaign sticker
The election is over. Take it off!

Honor student sticker
Congrats on creating smart offspring, you still suck at driving. My dog is smarter than your honor student. He's also smarter than you…ditch this sticker.

Calvin peeing
This one has got to be the most played-out bumper sticker ever. Enough already.