In this month's issue, we showcase six incredible feature trucks, all hailing from the Lone Star State. Texas took over the custom truck capital from California about five years ago and the amount of nice trucks being produced there is incredible. Ford Super Duties and Ram HDs are two of the most common trucks to build in Texas, however the one truck that you'll start to see a ton of is the new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. Being the first to do something is important. Just think of names like George Washington, Henry Ford, and Neil Armstrong, and you can respect those who work hard to achieve something no one else has yet. Customizing a truck isn't going to change the world, but we're proud to be the first truck mag with a fully customized 2014 Silverado on the cover. This month's mag content also includes three upgrades for the brand-new GM trucks, and yet the story I'm most excited about is the behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 2014 GMC Sierra.

Truckin was allowed access in areas typically locked out by members of the media, and we were given three days in GM's Technical Center located in Warren, Michigan, which we spent interviewing the engineers who created the new GM trucks. Once we had the inside scoop on what makes the new 2014 trucks the best GM has ever built, feature editor Max Matthewson and I took a trip to the fullsize truck assembly plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There, we took a daylong tour and got to watch a bare frame evolve into a rolling, running, and ready-to-rock fullsize pickup—it was fascinating. To see how the GM engineers teamed up with the small-block engine assemblers to squeeze maximum performance from the EcoTec3 V-8, we also walked the assembly line at the engine plant in Tonawanda, New York. It was an experience I'll never forget. To see the full story, check out page 44.