I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it is every guy’s dream to be the last person on earth after some sort of apocalypse. When I watch movies like Oblivion or I Am Legend, I imagine how I would endure in a world where there is no law, just the will to survive. Then I think about what vehicle I would have. In this scenario, I could have just about any vehicle I wanted because I could just take it. Would I drive a Lamborghini or Bugatti? It depends on the condition of the roads. The best option would be some big, badass lifted truck like the one featured on page 50.

Enough ground clearance to drive right over any obstacles in the road, lights on every side of it, winches front and rear in case I got stuck -- that would be the way to go. Of course if I got stuck, I could just get out and find a new vehicle. I would probably end up in an M1 Abrams tank just blowing the crap out of anything that got in my way. This exact scenario is why games like Grand Theft Auto are so popular. We all wish we could do whatever we want with no consequences. Oh well, for now I will just continue on my path of righteousness until the zombies come.