Looking at the recent Truckin cover trucks, you can see a pattern of mostly big, lifted ¾- and 1-ton diesels. This isn’t because we decided they are cool; if you look at the trend in the industry right now, there is a shift away from the lowered ½-tons and more towards big, tall HDs. But this month’s cover is different.

The owner of this badass F-150 wanted to steer away from the pack and build what he wanted. Even the details of his truck are against the current trends. Instead of going with a monochromatic, glossy paint scheme, Josh went with a matte finish with a nice graphic running front to rear. While everyone is in love with the black-on-black look, a set of big polished hoops sits under this Blue Oval. Josh even flipped the script on his own history of building ’bagged cars and trucks. It’s refreshing seeing someone do their own thing and not aimlessly following the masses. Thank you, Josh, for being your own man.