We all remember growing up watching TV shows with some of the coolest trucks in them. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 trucks from TV and movies. If you think we forgot one, shoot us an email at editorsinbox@truckin.com.

Tumbler -- Dark Knight

While this may not be an actual truck, it is big enough and burly enough to be one so I am including it. Imagine driving this thing through downtown L.A.

1980 GMC K20 -- Fall Guy

If you grew up in the ’80s, you remember the Fall Guy and his 1980 GMC K20. Who doesn’t love a truck that can jump anything and go anywhere in pursuit of the bad guy?

GMC Topkick -- “Ironhide” from Transformers

The GMC Topkick, rest in peace, was one of the coolest production trucks ever built. And one that transforms into an ass-kicking robot…EVEN BETTER!

Dodge Ram 3500 -- Death Race

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want this killer Ram pickup. Not only can you haul your family and friends to the mall on the weekends, but it can be used to move any Priuses out of the way with a machine gun.

Tow Mater -- Cars

Last but not least, a rusty, old, redneck tow truck voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. Yes, please. I would drive this thing everywhere.