There has been a lot of buzz around electric and hybrid cars lately. While this isn’t shocking, there has been talk about electric trucks. We are all familiar with the hybrid versions of trucks that are on the market now—but what about 100 percent electric trucks? There are a couple of companies that retrofit trucks to electric, but is there a real market for them? I think there is, but it’s small.

Unlike everybody here at Truckin magazine, there are some people who would go out and purchase an electric truck over a V-8–powered brute. I mean, look at how well the V-6 EcoBoost is doing for Ford. Ten years ago, if you told us that a V-6–powered truck would sell better than it’s V-8 counterpart, we would tell you how many rocks we want you to kick. Times are changing, and while the leftists might have us believe it is for the better, I can guarantee you gas- and diesel-powered trucks have not met their match. What do you think about this? Send me your thoughts to