Started as a way to help an injured club member recover from a life-threatening motorcycle accident, the event transitioned over the years to a wild, weekend party designed to celebrate life. Eddy Cebreco, Source Interlink's Events Manager for the Truck Group, has been with the event since its inception. Eddy's goal was to reestablish the show, and he was assisted by his good friend, Jon Fulmer of Southeast Showdown fame, and Jon's talented crew. The facility at the Anderson County Fairgrounds in Anderson, South Carolina, was the perfect choice with its indoor and outdoor facilities, wide open spaces perfectly suited for draggin' exhibitions, and convenient East Coast location.

This year's show attracted more than 360 vehicles and was a big hit with the 1,390 spectators on-hand. Many new trucks were on display, and by judging the number of radical under-construction trucks, this year's show season will be hot when these primered rides begin to roll out of the garage and into final paint. The new Anderson location was a perfect fit and should work well for next year. After an enjoyable weekend of meeting old friends and checking out the latest rolling stock, Sunday's awards ceremony sent 176 owners home with custom-built plexiglass trophies, beginning a new chapter in the Blooddrag saga. The local blood bank benefited as well, since more than 100 people donated blood. Special thanks to Jon Fulmer and his crew, along with the club members from No Regrets for their help in making this year's Blood Drag the successful show it was. Get the latest on the 2009 schedule from Eddy at We'll see you there.