For most of the old-school truckers out there, river runs are a thing of the past. That is, until this year when the Severed Ties Texas chapter decided to revitalize runs by moving its third Annual Tex Mex show from the previous home to the Lake Somerville Marina in secluded Somerville, Texas. While many of the new-school truckers had never been fortunate enough to attend a West Coast run, and may not have understood the concept, Severed Ties proved to everyone why it is one of the top truck clubs in the country. By revamping the river run to the old-school and introducing the river run to the new-school, Severed Ties etched another notch in its club legacy with Tex Mex '08.

With more than 1,000 vehicles entered into the show, Severed Ties worked hard to swiftly move people and their vehicles from the gates into the grounds. Once inside, it was easy to see that some of the best trucks were on hand to support Severed Ties and the show, which was actually a benefit show. If the vast amount of trucks weren't enough for you, then the Severed Ties crew also had plenty of games. This year marked the inaugural Mini Trucker Olympic Games in which teams of five competed in competition that only truckers could love. The games, including team beer chugging, a beer-chugging tricycle race, and a keg toss (just to name a few), brought out the best in the 12 teams that dared to enter. There was even an all-girl team--just to prove the guys weren't the only ones who could hold their own.

The awards ceremony went quickly and smoothly as the top 75 awards were given out and the awesome specialty trophies were awarded. After everything was said and done, everyone loaded up and headed home with the same feeling as the next guy-what a great weekend this was.

Mark your calendar for next year's Tex Mex event, as Severed Ties has already secured the same location for what will undoubtedly be another spectacular event and good time for everyone.