This year, Brandon and Rachel LeBlanc moved the Louisiana show a little west to the small town of Conroe, Texas, right outside of Houston. Despite the change in venue, the show proved to be a great success and the Texas State Fairgrounds should be the home for the show for years to come. Fullsizes seemed to be the new truck of choice for the show, as rows and rows of trucks from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma made the trip to Gator Drag. Beautiful weather with temps in the mid 80s made the show a great place to hang with friends and catch up with old ones. As usual, the trophies were the main talk of the show, as all Top 75 truck owners received custom belt buckles and the Best Of winners took home small gas pumps painted with flames by the guys at Chaotic. No Regrets left with Club Participation and Joel Gonzales received Best Truck with his immaculate blue C10. Congrats to the winners, for more photos of the show, check out