15 Years Strong
Once again, Slammin' & Jammin' delivered hundreds of custom trucks, cars, and even a few motorcycles. Located just a few miles east of Nashville, at Lebanon, Tennessee; it proved to be a great show venue. There was plenty of sun for the whole weekend-minus one late-night downpour.

Charlie Cobble, the event's promoter, lined up plenty of entertainment, including a live hip-hop performance and a world-record-setting martial arts demonstration. Dr. Dan Netherland put on quite a show by breaking in 1 minute what looked to be enough concrete blocks to build a tornado shelter for a family of three. Charlie also won over the crowd by finding more than 30 beautiful entrants for the bikini contest, which, in that part of Tennessee, wasn't all that difficult.

For more info on next year's show, check out autoshows.cc.