Pat Ford has been promoting the Ford F-100 Supernationals for the past 30 years. Previously held at Chimney Rock, North Carolina, in '79-'83; then it moved to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in '84-'89; after that to Grand Hotel at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in '90-'03; and finally to its present location of Chilhowee Park in Knoxville, Tennessee, from '04-present.

This year 1,500 Ford F-100 trucks invaded the beautiful Chilhowee Park. The picturesque 80-acre venue surrounds Chilhowee Lake and is overlooked by the 57,000 sq-ft air-conditioned Jacobs Building. The three-day show had its variety of weather, from cloudy overcast skies to rain and sunshine. The Chilhowee Park was covered with a colorful rainbow of incredible classics, customs, and farm-rats. This year's Guest Class was dedicated to the Ford Fairlanes and Galaxies, and the Classic Ford tractors. The surprise guests were about 200 early-model Ford Broncos.

The Jacobs Building had a massive stage that became the center of attention Saturday night as the F-100 Supernational awards were handed out.As they say, all good things must come to an end. Pat and his wonderful wife, Jan, decided they wanted to relax and do other things as they entered the sunset years of their life-long journey together. At this past year's show, Pat announced this would be his last year promoting the Ford F-100 Supernationals, which he has run for the past 30 years.

Truckin' magazine would like to thank Pat Ford and his wife Jan, and son Squire for all of their hard work and dedication for the past 30 years, making the Ford F-100 Supernationals a reality for all of us to experience.Make arrangements for Next Year's 31st Ford F-100 Supernationals: on May 14-16 2009, at Chilhowee Park Knoxville, Tennessee. Contact (704) 872-7327, or visit, or send an e-mail to