It's hard to find an excuse to miss the RA show that's held every year in Millington, Tennessee, and there are a lot of reasons you should be there. Here's the top 5.

1) The obvious: There's going to be great trucks from all over the mid-south.
2) The trophies are so cool that RA members (almost) seriously consider quitting the club just to be eligible to win one.
3) They've got dragging on site.
4) When you're done watching the dragging, Memphis, and the live music and great food on Beale St., is only 20 minutes away. We're not even going to mention Graceland.
5) There are plenty of club competitions, like tug-of-war, so you know that someone is going to have an embarrassing defeat.

So, unless you've got a really good excuse not to go, make your reservations ASAP.