Rumors swirled prior to this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas, as everyone was waiting to see if the economy would hurt the most prestigious auto show for truck owners. The effects of the economy did rear its ugly head in the form of less trucks, less people, and less manufacturers, but what also was evident-trucks owners will continue to build amazing trucks. We were impressed with the build quality of the trucks as we saw several frame-off builds of new late model trucks and the classics were detailed as always. This year's two top platforms were the new '09 Ford F-150 and '09 Dodge Ram. Several trucks dropped our jaws as we tried to wrap our minds around the over-the-top machines in front of us. Check out the show coverage and for amazing features that will soon follow. For more cool pics, go to

Another star of the show, Kyle Gann's F-450 was lifted to the sky and featured an awesome interior to match the stunning paint.