Checking IDs at the main gate, Severed Ties ensured the fun would last all weekend long and be mostly legal thanks to the 18-year-old minimum requirement. On March 19-22, 5,500 registration sheets were filled out within the first two days and the Severed crew had to go print more copies. It's our best guestimate that more than 9,000 people took over the Somerville Marina at Overlook campgrounds in Somerville, Texas. The beautiful setting was home to some of the nation's hottest custom trucks, as several top-notch builds debuted at the event and many under construction rides showed plenty of future potential. A big attraction for the show was the Severed Ties Mini Trucker Olympics. We'll do the math for you here: imagine endless Bud Light and truck club members battling in silly games and you get the picture. It was fun just watching as clubs competed in a beer chugging contest, Razor scooter races, dodgeball matches, and even human bowling on what has to the world's largest slip and slide. If you missed the show and want to feel like you were there, go to and click on shows. There, you'll find more than 300 photos and videos of trucks from the show.