We never cease to be amazed at the quality and quantity of custom trucks that come out of California's Central Valley, and each time we go to Danger Zone, the show is bigger and better. This year, the customs trucks continued to roll in until after noon. We got there early to try to beat the rush, but even our early arrival wasn't enough to beat hundreds of vehicles lined up to get in. Lucky for us, we already had our trailer inside so we snuck in the vendors' entrance. Show staff had to turn away vehicles after the park was filled to capacity with 1,500 entrants! The layout was new for this year's show, which made navigating the trucks easier. The only problem was there were too many trucks to check out in just a one-day show! Spectators were packed down the main stretch of vendors and the ever-present Central Valley sunshine made the trucks look their best. What more could you ask for? For information on next year's show, visit dangerous-toys.org and check out Truckinweb.com for more coverage.