The new sheriff in town for the Ford F-100 Super Nationals is Charlie Cobble, President of Motorsport Events. This year's 31st Ford F-100 Super Nationals will be Charlie's 100th custom show that he has promoted during his thunderous career.

The current economy and poor weather contributed to a lower truck count than in past years, but for those participants, vendors, and spectators who did attend this year's Blue Oval extravaganza, there was an appreciation for the high-quality '48-'82 Ford trucks on display for everyone to enjoy. We were there to photograph trucks and that's what we did. We also filled our feature bag with the show's best of the best to be showcased to our Truckin' readers throughout the year.

For more information pertaining to the 32nd Annual Ford F-100 Super Nationals to be held May 13-15, 2010 check out the website, Ford or contact Charlie Cobble at (423) 623-4644 or email Hope to see you at the 2010 Ford F-100 Super Nationals.

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