Typically the summers in Georgia are hot, muggy, and sticky, but on the weekend of July 17-19, attendees to the Southeast Showdown show in Lawrenceville, were greeted with beautiful blue skies, mild temps, and low humidity. Thanks to show sponsor Hooters, everyone had food and drinks to enjoy and adding some spice to the show, Hooters brought out two fully-custom show trucks, oh and some Hooters' girls as well. The numbers over the weekend were impressive, with 528 rides displaying and more than 3,100 people walking through the show. Those who attended enjoyed a bikini contest, dragging, bungie hop, and The Big Picture movie screen. Issue 11 cover truck, owned by Brian "Shady" Baty, won Best Fullsize and the Truckin' Editor's Award. Also, featured in last month's issue, Robert Robinson's Tahoe won Best SUV. Sponsors included Verizon, Hooters, NOS energy drink, Godfather Customs, and The Big Picture.

For more info on next year's show, check out southeastshowdown.com.