Calling a friend of mine in Tyler, Texas, home of Turkey Drag, he told me to bring a jacket, "It's going to be cold man, maybe even snow," he said. I laughed thinking he was joking, after all, Tyler is just east of Dallas and the thought of snow wasn't even on my mind. Landing in chilly Dallas, he was right and I was concerned that custom truck owners wouldn't come out and support a show with the possibility of snow. Proven wrong twice, Texans love custom trucks and a little snow didn't slow them down one bit. Portable heaters and plenty of jackets to go 'round kept everyone warm, and with fullsize trucks at every turn, the show was heatin' up. Laid back and family friendly, Turkey Drag was a great time to hang out, catch up, and show off some of Texas' best custom trucks. A nice alternative to the typical plastic trophies, this year, custom beer mugs went out to the Top 100.