Severed Ties' 5th Annual Tex Mex show in Somerville, Texas, was all set to be a three-day party, and it almost was. We rolled in from SoCal a day early, on Thursday, to set up shop and scope out the other early arrivals, and by Friday, Welch Park was filled with tents, as attendees set up camp for the weekend. Our site in the vendor area was a prime spot to check out the cruising, as trucks made laps all day, and new trucks were arriving all day long. We handed out hundreds of free magazines and posters, and had a blast hanging out with our custom truck friends and family. Unfortunately, a spring thunderstorm Saturday morning put a damper on the Mini Trucker Olympics and many of the campers as well, but we made up for it by photographing 10 feature trucks, which you will be seeing shortly in the pages of Truckin'.