There are a few things in life we can bank on as being certain: the sum of one and one is always two, billet wheels are far more attractive than chrome, and every second weekend of April, it always rains in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Well, the first two still hold up at least, but we were pleasantly proven wrong with the unusually great weather at this year's Lake Front Tour put on by Midnight Fantasies on April 10-11. Aside from the dark clouds, mild wind, and a few scattered raindrops on Saturday, showgoers were blessed with clear skies and temps in the mid '70s all day Sunday.

Custom trucks, cars, and choppers flocked from all over to check out one of the most revered shows down South. Volume 36, Issue 5's cover model Silverado, Color Blind, was in attendance and effortlessly snagged Best of Show honors, which didn't look to be an easy accomplishment considering the assortment of jaw-dropping, 10 out of 10s in the field.

In it's 19th straight year, the annual Lake Front Tour continues to deliver a unique experience that only Southwest Louisiana can dish out. Rain or shine, this show is not to be missed. Just think of it this way, if it's wet outside that just means more time to get cozy with a steaming hot plate of delectable crawfish or a deep friend chunk of gator steak on a stick. And you thought we fly all the way out to the Bayou just for the trucks?

Special thanks to Roger Miller and his well-organized team for yet another unforgettable weekend!

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