It all started when we looked around and didn't see anyone providing a platform for the truck enthusiast who builds their truck for more than just showing in a parking lot and taking home a plastic trophy. Don't get us wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending hours detailing your truck and showing it off for the whole world to see, but we also feel there is something valiant to be said for a truck owner who is willing to push the limits of their pride and joy-all for the sake of proving its ability. Truck owners and custom truck builders often get a stigma in the performance world that a 4,000+ pound pickup can't keep up with a muscle car or today's sports cars. We think that's a bunch of bologna and to prove all of the skeptics blatantly wrong, we assembled six incredible trucks to showcase just how much fun can be had in a hot rod with a bed.

And that my friend, is how Truckin's Throwdown was created. Throwdown consists of five performance tests and one subjective category for overall styling. Each test and the styling category are worth five points, for a grand total of 30 available points. Each performance test is designed to push the truck's handling, powertrain, and driver ability. First up, each truck was slammed through a 600-foot slalom to see the truck's body roll and energy transfer. Next up, the trucks were sent down our test facility track in an all-out, wide-open 0-60 mph and 1/4-mile straight-line competition. During this part of Throwdown, several impromptu drag races broke out and we witnessed some side-by-side, high-speed action providing a feeling of yesteryear's hot rodders. We've been harping on upgrading your truck's braking system, so it was only fitting to see what kind of braking performance these trucks could harness. Each truck was asked to slam on the brakes once they reached 60 mph and hold on tight to the steering wheel. Once all six trucks had completed the bevy of tests, the real fun began as we moved over to our autocross course. We laid out this course to challenge not only each truck, but also the ability of each driver to navigate the tight-cornered, technical, 10-turn course. When the dust and tire smoke literally settled, we checked the GPS data acquisition gear and the competition was closer than we ever imagined, with only five points separating first and third place. Take a look at the results and you'll see how each truck fared.

"Throwdown" implies testosterone, competition, trash talking, and bravado, but what started out as a genuine competition turned into a day filled with camaraderie, laughter, and everyone having a great time. Trucks were meant to work hard, but so often, after customizing them for years, truck owners don't drive them aggressively, won't push the limits, and are more worried about scratching the paint than doing smoky burnouts. Look at the trend in muscle cars and street rods, owners and builders are driving them, and driving them hard. It's about time we as the truck enthusiast community put our money where our mouth's are and drive our trucks until the wheels fall off. Think your truck has what it takes to compete in our 2011 Throwdown? Go to and complete the registration form for a chance to drive your truck to its limits.