Shelby F-150 Super Snake
Last month, we showed you the Shelby F-150 Super Snake in all its typical truck magazine beauty, but this truck wasn't built to sit still and be looked at, rather it was built to prove that Shelby could add their performance heritage to a pickup truck. Based on '04-'08 Ford F-150s, the Shelby Super Snake adds a Ford Racing/Whipple supercharger to the factory 5.4L, a lowered sport suspension from DJM with big, 22-inch wheels, and a hearty exhaust from Borla. Those parts installed on any truck would bring an ear-to-ear grin for the fortunate driver, but the laws of physics proved too much for this 5,681-pound truck. The claimed 475 hp wasn't enough to propel the Shelby into the top three in any performance category and the untuned suspension was quickly disrupted when pushed hard around the slalom and autocross course. Halfway through our test, the power steering pump began to make an unusual groaning noise typically heard from humpback whales, and even though the power steering pump didn't fail, it was very unnerving. Voted the best truck to blast to Vegas in because of its comfort, freeway passing ability, and good looks, the performance tests proved too much for the Shelby to overcome and it finished in fifth place.

At A Glance
2008 Shelby F-150 Super Snake

Engine 5.4L with a Ford Racing/Whipple intercooled supercharger
RWHP 386
Suspension DJM 2/4 drop kit using control arms and flip kit
Brakes Baer/Shelby 15-inch rotors and six-piston calipers
Wheels/Tires 22-inch Alcoa/Shelby wheels and Yokohama Parada 305/40R22 tires
Weight 5,681 pounds
Pros Low-end torque feels like a big-block, comfortable for long trips, a real head turner
Cons Heavy weight limited performance, needs bigger sway bars and tuned shocks, weird noise from power steering pump

0-60 MPH (Worth 5 Points) - 6.8
1/4-Mile (Worth 5 Points) - 14.96
Speed Through 100-ft Slalom (Worth 5 Points) - 55.6
60-0 MPH Braking (Worth 5 Points) - 134 Feet
Autocross Time (Worth 5 Points) - 40.74
Styling (Subjective Score Worth 5 Points) - 4

Total Points Earned (Out Of 30) - 10