Project Drift King
Drift King is one of our new-for-2011 projects and even though we're showing you the finished product now, we'll show you how we got to this point in several tech articles in future issues. Sorry for spoiling the end of the movie (or in this case, project truck), but we couldn't pass up an opportunity to flog our latest in-house build. This Equator isn't your typical midsize truck with a simple drop kit, rather it's a truck built to drift and drift well. Out on the track, it did just that and thanks to the rental-car-style hand e-brake, as soon as the boost kicked in around 3,800 rpm, a quick yank on the e-brake and the Suzuki turned into a stunt double for Fast and Furious: SoCal Drift. Lack of sway bars did hamper slalom performance and its long wheelbase didn't bode well in the autocross. Overall, it came in dead last against some strong competitors, but Project Drift King did manage to make some new fans once the rearend kicked out and the tires started smoking.

At A Glance
2009 Suzuki Equator

Engine 4.0L V-6 with Stillen intercooled supercharger, Stillen intake, Stillen headers, Stillen exhaust, and Stillen ECU tuning
RWHP 309
Suspension Bio Kustoms spindles and QA1 coilovers, with rear four-link and QA1 coilovers
Brakes Stock Suzuki calipers with front and rear Stillen slotted and drilled sport rotors and Hawk brake pads
Wheels/Tires 20x8.5-inch MB Motoring Gunner 6 wheels and Toyo Proxes ST-II 255/45R20 tires
Weight 4,303 pounds
Pros High RPM boost + hand e-brake = instant drift machine
Cons No sway bars made for excessive body roll, long wheelbase made quick turns difficult

0-60 MPH (Worth 5 Points) - 7.7
1/4-Mile (Worth 5 Points) - 16.11
Speed Through 100-ft Slalom (Worth 5 Points) - 59.48
60-0 MPH Braking (Worth 5 Points) - 106 Feet
Autocross Time (Worth 5 Points) - 40.06
Styling (Subjective Score Worth 5 Points) - 3

Total Points Earned (Out Of 30) - 9