Being the new guy on staff has its drawbacks, but it also has its perks, like getting the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a week and get complete access to the 2010 SEMA show, not to mention getting paid to do so. Since this was my first SEMA show I can only equate it to the smaller auto expos that I have been to, and it blew them out of the water, or rather off the track. The Las Vegas Convention Center was filled with the coolest vehicles and newest products of 2010. My job was to take pictures of the best looking trucks there, which was extremely difficult because of the sheer magnitude of vehicles.

Before leaving for Vegas, each editor was told to pick a favorite truck and a favorite product from the show. Look for the photos of the trucks that are tagged with each editor's picks. For more than 300 pictures from SEMA 2010 that we couldn't fit here, go to And for information on the 2011 SEMA show, go to