There are lots of shows to choose from during the busy summer season and since we can’t attend all of them, we always try to pick the ones that stand out from the rest. Southeast Showdown, now in its seventh year, has been an East Coast favorite since it began. Founded by Jon Fulmer, the event has returned to its home location, the fairgrounds in Anderson, South Carolina. In addition to the cool venue, a big part of this event’s attraction has always been Jon’s personable nature, greeting virtually everyone by name and in-depth knowledge about what they drive.

Innovation has always been a big part of Jon’s approach and his serious cash payouts for the Best Debuting vehicles guarantees that you will always see fresh new rides at his show. Lots of builders were burning the midnight oil to complete their vehicles in time and everyone appreciated seeing fresh innovations and creativity. As a major sponsor, Hooters set the tone for the event, bringing great food and beautiful ladies to the show. (Thanks, Jayden!) Once the crowd of more than two thousand had a chance to check out the 500-plus vehicles on display, they turned their attention to some Saturday afternoon fun, beginning with the beautiful Hooters girls playing a game of Twister on stage. At the Sunday afternoon awards ceremony, emcee John Jackson got things started by calling the names of the top 70 drivers, sending them home with custom-made Plexiglas trophies. But the real excitement followed since everyone wanted to know the winners of the Best Debuting trophies and the big cash prizes. The first envelope filled with ten $100 bills went to Ray Leatherman for his fullsize, body-dropped, suicide doorequipped GMC pickup rolling on 24s. Shon Reese collected similar swag for the Best Debuting Minitruck truck with his body dropped Toyota boasting a full graphics paint job. Three separate club-oriented awards were given beginning with Club Participation going to Pebble Pushers, Best Club Quality (based on the highest scores on score sheets) going to Negative Camber, and Club Attitude Award presented to Twizted Intentions, a great East Coast club.

If you'd like to be part of this annual summertime get-together, check out the website . Great sponsors also played a vital role like Hooters, Air Zenith, Auto Body Color & Supply, PPG, Palmetto Rod Worx, Auto Extremes, Stylin Solutions, and Strada Wheels. To see more than 75 photos from Southeast Showdown, check out our Web Coverage.